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We offer dump trucks, tractor trucks, cargo trucks, light duty trucks in China. These products are CCC and CE certified and exported to Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Algeria, Ethiopia, Angola, South Africa, Chile, UAE, Oman, Yemen and more countries.
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Heavy Duty Truck

  • Dump Truck A dump truck is a truck used to convey loose materials like sands, pebbles, soils, building materials, coals, ores, crops, farm products, etc. A dump truck is usually installed with a hydraulically motivated open-box bed hinged at the rear. The front of this open-box can be lift up so that the materials are discharged on the ground behind the truck.
    Dump trucks usually fall into small dump truck and big dump truck according to the size...
  • Tractor Truck Tractor truck is kind of transportation tool used to drag trailers. This means that a tractor truck can be connected with a trailer or separated from it freely. Generally, there are two types of tractor trucks. They are trailer tractor truck and semi-trailer tractor truck.
    The head end with tow capability is a tractor truck and the rear end without drive capability is called a trailer...
  • Cargo Truck Cargo truck is mainly used to convey cargos. It mainly contains two types, common cargo truck and multi-functional cargo truck. A common cargo truck may have an open type (plate type) rear part or a closed type rear part, where cargos are stacked. Multi-functional cargo truck is also designed for conveying cargos. It usually has several fixed or folding seats for carrying 3 or more passengers...
  • Light Duty Truck Light duty truck is a truck or a truck-based vehicle with a payload capacity of less than 4,000 pounds (1,815kg). A light duty truck is also known as a light truck.
    Shanglong is a China light duty truck supplier, mainly offering Forland truck, a kind of single cab light truck for its light duty trucks...

Heavy Duty Truck

A truck is also know as a lorry. It is a motor vehicle, more explicitly a commercial vehicle for conveying goods and materials. Some light trucks are as large as a passenger automobile. Commercial transportation trucks are large and could be used as a platform for special equipment to form a concreter mixer, a water tank truck, an oil tank truck, a garbage truck, a sewage suction truck, etc. Almost all trucks are made of a chassis, a cab, an area of placing cargo or equipment, axles, suspension and roadwheels, an engine, and a drivertrain. Many trucks also tow one or more trails or semi-trailers.

There are various kinds of trucks available in the market. They fall into semi trucks, dump trucks, fire trucks, garbage trucks, etc. according to their different usages. They can also be sorted into ford trucks, dodge trucks, chevy trucks, monster trucks, moving trucks, etc. In addition, they can also be classified into mini trucks, light duty trucks, medium duty trucks, heavy duty trucks, and extra heavy duty trucks with their weight less than 1.8 tons, 1.8 to 6 tons, 6 to 14 tons, 14 to 100 tons, and more than 100 tons respectively.

As a China heavy duty truck supplier and a supplier of Sinotruk Company, we are able to offer complete range of trucks and services, thanks to our cooperation with several construction equipment manufacturers. Our trucks mainly include dump trucks, tractor trucks, cargo trucks, light duty trucks, etc. These trucks are qualified for Euro II and Euro III emission standards and are cost-effective and environmental friendly transmission tools for transportation and construction industries.

Apart from heavy duty trucks, we also provide various kinds of heavy duty truck parts, and heavy duty truck services. We also offer samples and after-sale maintenance services for our heavy duty trucks. Shanglong also deals with concrete mixer trucks, cranes, construction equipment and more products. If you have a need, please contact us. We will find the best truck for your specific needs!