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We offer concrete truck cranes, truck mounted cranes, all terrain cranes, and crawler cranes in China. These products are CCC and CE certified and exported to Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Algeria, Ethiopia, Angola, South Africa, Chile, UAE, Oman, Yemen and more countries.

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Truck Crane

  • Truck Crane Truck crane is a kind of crane that is installed on a common truck chassis or a special-made truck chassis. It is a kind of construction crane or a heavy duty crane. Shangonglong Company is able to offer you crane trucks with 27 items of national patented technology. They are of luxurious, integral broad-view cabs, full-covered bedplate, dedicated truck chassis, five-section main boom, oblong section...
  • Truck Mounted Crane Truck mounted crane is a kind of hoisting machine that is mounted on a truck. It employs hydraulic system and telescopic system to reach the hoisting, turning, and swinging of the materials. It could be used to hoist or convey heavy objects in a certain range. For instance, a truck mounted crane could be used to convey iron powders or minerals on construction sites or in mountainous areas where the road condition is bad...
  • All Terrain Crane All terrain crane is a kind of high-performance heavy duty crane that is in possession of the merits of both truck cranes and rough-terrain cranes. It can either travel fast and continuously or work on limited and muddy sites. With fast traveling speed, multi-axle drive, three turning ways, large ground clearance, good grade ability and non-outrigger craning function, all terrain crane is a multi-functional crane that is increasingly demanded in the market...
  • Crawler Crane Crawler crane is a kind of construction crane for use on high buildings. Its crawler belt offers large ground connection area, making it applicable to various road conditions. Crawler crane can move while loaded and is suitable for excavating, ramming, and piling applications on construction sites. As a heavy duty crane, it needs to be transported by other vehicles to other sites...

Truck Crane

A crane is usually equipped with a winder, wire ropes, or chains and sheaves. It is a lifting machine used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally. It uses simple machines to create great power to move loads that is beyond the capability of a human. A crane could be used in transport industry for charging or discharging freight, as construction crane for moving materials, or in manufacturing industry for assembling heavy equipment.

In the crane market, the most common cranes are truck cranes, bridge cranes, and gantry cranes. As a professional construction crane supplier, Shanglong offers cranes that include truck cranes, truck mounted cranes, all terrain cranes, and crawler cranes. These heavy duty cranes could be used as construction cranes. Produced by reliable manufacturers, these construction cranes have ensured quality. They are provided with construction crane spare parts and construction crane services. In addition to cranes, we also work with several heavy duty truck manufacturers and construction equipment manufacturers so that we can offer the best trucks, special vehicles, and construction equipment at lowest prices. Our delivery time is 40-45 days. Please feel free to contact us for more information!