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Crawler Crane

Crawler Crane

Crawler Crane

Crawler crane is a kind of construction crane for use on high buildings. Its crawler belt offers large ground connection area, making it applicable to various road conditions. Crawler crane can move while loaded and is suitable for excavating, ramming, and piling applications on construction sites. As a heavy duty crane, it needs to be transported by other vehicles to other sites.

QUY450 crawler crane, supplied by Shanglong, is a large-tonnage high end crane. It has the following features.
1. This construction crane adopts crawler belt and lattice type boom. It causes less specific pressure to the ground and has features like large hoisting height, good hoisting strength. It could travel while loaded.
2. Its tower-type base boom can work adjacent to a high building.
3. It adopts Germany PAT numerical control system, which ensures safe operation of the whole crawler crane.
4. It adopts pump-controlled variable displacement hydraulic system and electronic proportional control system and features high efficiency, good energy efficiency and precise control.
5. The power transmission parts of this crawler crane are imported form well-know companies. They are environmental friendly and reliable.

Since the crawler belt of crawler crane is more vulnerable, oil filling and cleaning jobs should be carried out frequently. Crawler crane should work on rigid or flat grounds. Stones, sleepers, steel plate or special-made roadbeds should be laid if necessary.


Items Unit Value
Max. total rated lifting load t 450
Standard working condition Heavy boom length m 24 ~84
Base boom length m 12 ~36
Light boom length m 42 ~102
Tower attachment length m 24 ~ 72
Superlift working condition Heavy boom length m 36 ~ 84
Base boom length m 12 ~ 36
Light boom length m 78 ~ 126
Max. single line hoisting speed m/min 130
Max. single line speed for boom elevating system m/min 50×2
Max. single line speed for tower attachment elevating system m/min 112
Max. single line speed for sideways superlift elevating system m/min 112
Swing speed r/min 1.0
Traveling speed km/h 0.95
Ground pressure MPa 0.132
Power rated kW 383
Total mass (with 450t hook block, 24m heavy boon ) t 415
Max loading weight ( in transportation) t 59.5
Dimensions (in transportation) m 11.59 × 3.4 × 3.45

Shanglong is a China crawler crane manufacturer and a supplier of Sinotruk Company, which is the leading heavy duty truck manufacturer in China. In order perfect our product range, we also cooperates with several construction equipment manufacturers. Now, our product range is expanded to trucks, special vehicles, cranes, construction equipment, and heavy duty truck parts. In addition to crawler crane, we can also supply truck cranes, truck mounted cranes, all terrain cranes, and more cranes. These cranes come with free spare parts and maintenance services. They are CE and CCC certified. Please contact us for more information!

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