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We offer concrete truck cranes, truck mounted cranes, all terrain cranes, and crawler cranes in China. These products are CCC and CE certified and exported to Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Algeria, Ethiopia, Angola, South Africa, Chile, UAE, Oman, Yemen and more countries.

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All Terrain Crane

We are a all terrain crane manufacturer in China. We also provide truck mounted crane and crawler crane for customers. Here are parameters of truck crane size, weight and chassis listed below. We are HOWO heavy duty truck supplier, also provide light duty truck, special truck and construction equipment for transportation and construction. Our eco-friendly heavy duty truck and truck crane are of high reliability and provided at low price.
All Terrain Crane

All Terrain Crane

Specifications of All Terrain Crane
Specifications when Traveling

Classificatory Item Parameter
Outline dimension Overall length mm 15918
Overall width mm 3080
Overall height mm 4000
Wheel base Axle 1, Axle 2 mm 2750
Axle 2, Axle 3 mm 1650
Axle 3, Axle 4 mm 2000
Axle 4, Axle 5 mm 1650
Axle 5, Axle 6 mm 1650
Track mm 2690
Front overhang mm 2325
Rear overhang mm 2005
Mass Total mass in travel state kg 72000
Total mass in ready state kg 71870
Axle load Axle 1 kg 12000
Axle 2 kg 12000
Axle 3 kg 12000
Axle 4 kg 12000
Axle 5 kg 12000
Axle 6 kg 12000
Travel performance Travel speed Max. travel speed km/h 71
Min. stable travel speed km/h 2.1
Min. turning diameter m 24
Min. ground clearance mm 278
Approach angle 25°
Departure angle 17.9°
Braking distance (at 30km/h with full load) m 10
Max. grade-ability % 48
Exterior noise when traveling dB (A) 84
Fuel consumption for 100km L 80
Chassis Engine model OM502LA
Max. engine output kW/(r/min) 390/(1900)
Driving type 12×6
Tyre 14.00
No. of Tires (spare tire excluded) 12

Main Technical Data for Lifting Operation

Classificatory Item Parameter
Lifting performance Max. total rated lifting capacity t 240
Min. rated working radius m 3
Turning radius at turntable tail mm 4800
Max. load moment Base boom kN·m 7797 (132.6t×6m)
Fully extended boom kN·m 2940 (10t×30m)
Outrigger span Longitudinal m 9.625
Lateral m 8.7
Lifting height Base boom m 10.7
Fully extended boom m 63.8
Fully extended boom + Jib (12 m) m 78.6
Fully extended boom + Jib (20 m) m 86.4
Boom Length Base boom m 13.2
Fully extended boom m 67
Fully extended boom + Jib (12 m) m 79
Fully extended boom + Jib (20 m) m 87
Jib offset angle 0°, 15°, 30°
Working speed Boom elevating time s 65
Boom full telescoping time s 650
Max. swing speed r/min 1.6
Outrigger extension time Horizontal outrigger Synchronous extension s 50
Synchronous retraction s 40
Vertical outrigger Synchronous extension s 50
Synchronous retraction s 45
Hoist speed (Single line, null load, forth layer) Main winch m/min 115
Aux. winch m/min 118
Noise limit Crane exterior noise dB(A) 118
At seated position dB(A) 90

As a construction crane seller, we supply not only QAY130, QAY160, QAY200 all terrain cranes but also different specifications of crawler cranes, truck cranes, and truck mounted cranes. These construction cranes are CE certified and welcomed by our customers in Russia, Brazil, Algeria, Angola, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, and more countries. In addition to all terrain cranes, we also work with many top construction equipment manufacturers and supply construction equipment and services. Please feel free to contact us and we ensure to offer you top trucks, special vehicles, cranes, construction equipment and services!

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