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Backhoe Loader

Backhoe Loader

Backhoe Loader

WZ30-25 backhoe loader is an updated multi-functional construction machine that combines functions of a wheel loader and an excavator. It adopts four-wheel drive, power shifting transmission box with torque converter, full-hydraulic redirector, hydraulic pilot control, and can be widely used in applications like road maintenance, cropland constructing, pipeline paving, cable paving, gardening, road smashing, etc.

1. WZ30-25 backhoe loader adopts Yuchai engine, which generates low noise, less emission, and great power.
2. It combines valve-control belt type braking system and parking brake, which ensures safer braking.
3. The operating apparatus are ergonomically designed. Steering wheel, meter panel, joysticks, seats, and more equipment can be adjusted freely at will.
4. The rear axle of this backhoe loader can be swayed upward or downward so as to ensure the good trafficability and cross-country performance.
5. It is of optimized loading equipment design. The joint points are reasonably distributed. The running positions come with limit function, which could effectively avoid material spilling. The unloading position has automatic flat-laying-function. These designs can effectively decrease labor intensity and improve the working efficiency.
6. It has unique centered excavating device and wing-type outrigger and has better stability when it is used for rocks crashing or deep excavation.
7. This backhoe loader takes the lead in adopting hydraulic proportional pilot control, which is of easy operation and fast positioning.
8. Its luxurious cab is comfortably designed. It is characterized by its wide vision, nice sealing and shock-absorbing performance. Optional air conditioner is available.
9. Over 10 attachments, like hydraulic breaking hammer, vibratory plate compactor, clamps, are available with this backhoe loader for more functions.

Specifications of WZ30-25 Backhoe Loader

Bucket Capacity 1.0m3
Digger capacity 0.3m3
Dumping Height 2700mm
Dumping reach 950mm
Steering angle ±35°
Steering angle of digging device ±85°
Engine Yuchai
Model YC4108
Type Four-stroke, water cool, straight engine
Rated power 65kw
Rated rotate speed 2500r/min
Wheel base 2600mm
Track 1700mm
Tire 16/70-24
Max. digging depth 4400mm
Max. digging radius 5471Mm
Outer dimension 8000×2200×3350mm
Overall weight 9500kg

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