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Horizontal Directional Drill

Horizontal Directional Drill

Horizontal Directional Drill

XZ280 horizontal directional drill is mainly applied to non-excavation ground for laying and changing different pipeline. Generally characterized by its high efficiency, comfortable operation and internationalized fittings, it is an ideal construction equipment for applications in water supplying, gas, electrical, telecommunication, central heating, and petroleum industries.

Performance and Characteristics
1. Several top control technologies like PLC control, electro-hydraulic proportion control, load sensitive control and adopted in this horizontal directional drill.
2. It has drilling rod automatic disassembly and assembly device, which can improve the working efficiency, decrease the labor required and manual error operation and thus, reduce the construction cost.
3. The descending and ascending of the automatic anchor is controlled by the hydraulic system. The anchor is great in force and is easy and convenient to operate.
4. The dual-speed power head runs with low speed during drilling and dragging for smooth construction. It could also speed up to slide with 2 times of speed to reduce the auxiliary time when returning and disassembling the drilling rod with empty loads.
5. The engine of this horizontal directional drill has turbine torque increment characteristics, which can instantly increase the power when it comes across with complex underground conditions.
6. The power head is of high rotation speed, good boring effect and high construction efficiency.
7. XZ280 horizontal directional drill is of single lever operation. Functions like thrust, pullback, rotary and more can be carried out conveniently with the single lever.
8. With one single operator, the rope controller can carry out disassembly and assembly of vehicle. It is safe and highly efficient.
9. Patented floating vice are applied in this horizontal directional drill. Its can effectively prolong the service life of the drilling rod.
10. The engine, hydraulic parameter monitoring alarm and other safety protection functions are available to protect the safety of the operator and the horizontal directional drill.

Main Technical Specification

Model XZ160A XZ280 XZ320
Engine Shangchai Shangchai Shangchai
Rated power 100kW 140kW 140kW
Max. pullback/thrusting 160/100kN 280/280kN 320(400)/200kN
Spindle torque (max) 5000N.m 10000N.m 12000N.m
Spindle speed 0-180r/min 0-120r/min 0-140r/min
Backreaming diameter Φ600mm Φ750mm Φ800mm
Tubing length (single) 3m 3m 3m
Tubing diameter Φ60mm Φ73mm Φ73mm
Entry angle 10-23° 10-23° 10-20°
Mud flow rate (max) 160L/min 250L/min 320L/min
Mud pressure (max) 100bar 80bar 80bar
Overall weight 6100kg 12500kg 10500kg
Dimension (L×W×H) 5700×1820×2400mm 7100×2260×2450mm 7100×2300×2500mm

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