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Asphalt Road Milling Machine

Asphalt Road Milling Machine

Asphalt Road Milling Machine

XM130 asphalt road milling machine is an asphalt concrete road maintenance machine applied for renovating asphalt pavement on large-scale highways, urban roads, airports, freight yard, etc. It could also be used for thorough removal of entire concrete overlay, and cleaning protuberance, oil layers, reticulation and vehicle tracks. In addition, road trench and tunnel excavation, cement road surface roughening and dislocation smoothening could also be carried out by this asphalt road milling machine. With features like high efficiency, simple operation, easy control of milling depth, waste material recycling, and good maneuverability, XM130 asphalt road milling machine is an ideal construction machine for pavement maintenance and renovation.

Characteristics of XM130 Asphalt Road Milling Machine

XM130 cold milling machine adopts the structure of front axle driving and mechanical driving mill drum.

Travel System
This asphalt road milling machine adopts stepless shift for the hydraulic and mechanical drive system. The high speed and low speed can satisfy different request of devolving and milling.

Power Transmission
Power transit from pump, motor, reduction gear, and driving axle.

Appending System
Freely float front-wheel, independently support rear-wheel. Right rear-wheel can swing inward that is easy to mill the brim.

Milling System
Mechanical drive mode, high efficiency, import milling cutting of long using life are all available with this asphalt road milling machine.
The driving route is from engine, to stretch shaft coupling, clutch, transmission, chain wheel box and milling drum.

Controlling System of Milling Depth
The control of milling depth of this asphalt road milling machine is achieved by adjusting the height of left or right support legs. The assignment ruler on the back supporting leg displays the milling depth. Automatic leveling unit can be installed to this system.

Turning System
It adopts hydraulic turning system and has flexible operation.

Cooling System
This machine is equipped with a fan-shaped muzzle, which jet water to the milling cutting, cooling the milling cutter and lessening the dust. The bulky water-box allows it to work incessantly. Electric water pump, high-pressure insufflation, take-down and clear the muzzle easily.

The brake system of this asphalt road milling machine consists of traveling brake and parking brake.

Lighting System
It is equipped with illumination lamp for nightwork.

Steering Pedestal and Instrument Board
The position of the chair can be adjusted back and forth so that the operator can step freely on the roomy maneuvering platform. It is comfortable to manipulate the instrument and the control handle.

Transportation Security
XM130 asphalt road milling machine has several pick-up points that have function of crane or convey.

Technique Training
Operator training that lasts about 2 weeks is available on the scene or on the factory. The trainings include operating, debugging, maintenance, hydraulic theory, electric theory, structure introduce, construction method, safety precautions and so on.

Top Specifications of XM130 Asphalt Road Milling Machine

Model Item XM130
Manufacturer Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.
Type C6121ZLG
Cooling mode Water-cooling
Cylinder quantity 6
Rated power 190kw/255hp
Rated speed 2200rpm
Oil-consuming ≤255g/kwh
Noises ≤90dB(A)
Milled depth and width Milled depth 0~315mm
Milled width 1320 mm
Max. travel speed 0~7 km/h
Max. milled travel speed 33m/min
Min. turning radius(mm) 7000 mm
Milled drum tools 112
Drum diameter 980 m
Travel mode 4×2
Twill mode Roughening and dislocation smoothness
XM130 length × width × height
Machine 5255×2480×3245 (mm)
Conveyor 7020×1030×1040 (mm)

Top XM130 Technical Specifications

Specification Item XM130
Max. milled width 1320 mm
Max. milled depth 315 mm
Milled drum tools 112
Engine type C6121
Rated power 190kw/255hp
Rated speed 2200rpm
Oil-consuming ≤255g/kwh
Operating speed 0~33m/min
Travel speed 0~7km/h
Max. gradeability ≥20%
Min. ground clearance 320mm
Min. turning radium 7m
Operation weight 20000kg
Fuel tank 280 (l)
Hydraulic oil tank 160 (l)
Water tank 7850 (l)
Electric system 24V
Machine (length × width × height 5255×2480×3245 (mm)
Conveyor (length × width × height) 7020×1030×1040 (mm)

Top XM130 Standard Configuration

No Name Manufacturer
1 Engine Shanghai Diesel Engine
2 Hydraulic system SAUER
3 Transmission system Stretch shaft coupling CENTA
Transmission Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Co., Ltd. or Xi'an Heavy Machinery Research Institute
Chain wheel box Xuzhou Road Construction Machinery Co. Ltd.
4 Milling cutter KENNAMETAL
5 Travel systems Working box Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Co., Ltd. or Xi'an Heavy Machinery Research Institute
Drive axle Xuzhou Meriter Axle Co., Ltd.
6 Tyres EUERPADS Co., Ltd.
7 Conveyor EUERPADS Co., Ltd.

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