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Motor Grader

Motor Grader

Motor Grader

A motor grader is a construction machine that uses a long blade to create a flat surface. Typical road grader has three axles. The engine and the cab of the grader are situated above the rear axles at one end of the machine. A third axle is equipped at the front end of the vehicle and the blade is situated in between. A motor grader is usually used for constructing and maintaining dirt roads and gravel roads. In paved road constructions, it could be used for preparing the base course by creating a wide flat surface where the asphalt can be placed on. A motor grader could also set soil foundation pads before the construction of large buildings.
Our GR215C motor grader is ideal construction machinery for the construction of national defense projects, mining construction, urban and rural road, water conservancy construction and farmland reconstruction.

1. GR215 motor grader is of novel appearance design.
2. It is of articulated frame.
3. It has small turning radius, ensuring good motility of the motor grader.
4. This grader adopts hydraulic controlled power shift gearbox. It offers 6 ahead gears speeds and 3 back gears.
5. The blade is fully hydraulic controlled.
6. It adopts 3 section driving axle for the rear axle, which is provided with the NO-SPIN self-locking differential mechanism.
7. Universal hydraulic parts are adopted.
8. The manipulation table and seats are adjustable for more comfortable operation.
9. The cab is grand and nice to look at. It is well sealed and provides broad vision to the driver.
10. Optional front bulldozing plate, rear scarification device, front scarification harrow and automatic leveling device are also available.

Specifications of GR215C Motor Grader

Basic specification
Appellation Parameter
Engine model QSB6.7 Euro III
Rated power/speed 164kW(220hp)/2200rpm
Dimension (L*W*H) (standard) 8970×2625×3300
Operating weight(standard) 16500kg
Tire size 17.5-25RP12
Min. ground clearance 430mm
Distance between front and rear axles 6266mm
Distance between middle and rear wheels 1639mm
Operating specification
Max. steering angle of front wheel ±45°
Max. lean angle of front wheel ±17°
Max. oscillation angle of front axle ±15°
Frame articulation angle ±25°
Min. turning radius using articulation 7.3mm
Blade maximum lift above ground 460mm
maximum depth of cutting 500mm
maximum blade position angle 90°
blade cutting angle 28°~70°
circle reversing rotation 360°
moldboard width*height 4270×610mm
Performance specification
Traveling speed, forward 5, 8, 11, 19, 23, 38km/h
Traveling speed, reverse 5, 11, 23km/h
Max. tractive, reverse 87kN
Max. grade ability 20°
Tire inflation pressure 2.6bar
Working hydraulic pressure 18 Mpa
Transmission pressure 1.6-1.8 Mpa

Shanglong is an ISO9001:2000 certified motor grader supplier who also work with several construction equipment manufacturers for better serving the market. In addition to motor graders, we also supply trucks, special vehicles, hydraulic mobile cranes, construction equipment and other heavy duty truck parts. These products are exported to Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, South Africa, Peru, Chile, Brazil and more countries. Please keep browsing or contact us directly for more information!

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