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We offer wheel loaders, excavators, backhoe loaders, crawler bulldozer, road rollers, and motor graders in China. These products are CCC and CE certified and exported to Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Algeria, Ethiopia, Angola, South Africa, Chile, UAE, Oman, Yemen and more countries.
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Road Roller

  • Single Drum Road Roller Single drum road rollers provided by Shanglong are manufactured based on the updated techniques from home and abroad. They include XS122 vibratory roller and LSS hydraulic single drum vibratory rollers. With a weight of more than 10 tons, these single-drum vibratory rollers are especially suitable for applications in road construction, parking area, industrial field, etc. With good flexibility, our single drum road rollers are also suitable to compact the asphalt...
  • Double Drum Road Roller Our vibration road roller is featured by its powerful engine, wide rolling wheel, high operation efficiency, novel design and compact structure, large power output reserve capacity, etc. Suitable for asphalt, soil, sand stone mixtures and dry cement compaction, it is useful compaction equipment for highways, municipal roads, parking area and industrial ground...
  • Pneumatic Road Roller Pneumatic road roller is produced to compact cohesive and non-cohesive materials like asphalt concrete, cement or lime stabilized soils, gravels, sands and clay mixtures, rolling cement concrete (PCC) in construction projects. It is especially suitable to prepare the upper courses of highways...

Road Roller

Shanglong company is a road roller supplier in China. Our road rollers are construction machines that use the weight of the vehicle to compress the surface being rolled. Also known as compactors or rollers, they are suitable for rolling applications on cements, asphalts during the construction of highways, railways, airports, dams, parking lots, and other industrial fields. Our road rollers can work on high altitudes like 3500m and are suitable for rolling sandy, semi-adhesive and adhesive soil. They are of powerful excitation force, with the compacting effect as deep as more than 1 meter.

1. Our road rollers adopt fully hydraulic transmission and fully hydraulic control.
2. The key components and the system are imported from abroad.
3. They carry out stepless speed regulation, stepless frequency conversion vibration, double amplitudes, and adjustable watering.
4. The springs of the road roller are firmly pressed against the mud scraper.

In order to better serve the market, we also cooperate with several construction equipment manufacturers. This enables us to complete our product range and provide better services. In addition to road rollers, other construction equipment like wheel loaders, motor graders, excavators, backhoe loaders, are also available with us. You can also click other pages of dump trucks, tractor trucks, cargo trucks and other heavy duty trucks or contact us for more information!